• To recognize and celebrate youth leaders who professionally or personally has impacted on youth through outstanding leadership.

  • To identify projects and achievements spearhead by youth which has produced clear value and chalked success and has benefited society (particularly, the youth)?

  • It’s a platform that brings all hardworking youth together to network and build business relationships.

  • To encourage our upcoming youth that excellence and success can be achieved at tender age.


For any individual to be eligible for any category of the awards scheme, the following must be met:


The candidate must be an upcoming (this should be clearly defined) living and doing business in Africa


Nominees with mutual submissions: nominees who have mutual submissions have no advantage over those with one submission. In essence, the selection process will not depend on the number of nominations an individual receives.


Nominations can be anonymous and letters of recommendations are not required.


Nominees must still be a youth by event date (be between the ages of 16and 40).


Must be a youth leader, Entrepreneur/CEO, Co-founder, or COO of a firm.


Ready to travel to any of the African countries.